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Katarina Petterson

From California,

Maybe you won't like what I’m about to tell you, but being on a diet and eating right without exercise won’t make you lose weight. The body needs the right kind of exercise.
PRO Fitness Balancer offers exactly that.

I use PRO Fitness Balancer only a few minutes daily, but the changes can be seen right away. Due to its unique design, PRO Fitness Balancer activates a lot of body muscles and does not put any strain on the joints.
PRO Fitness Balancer is the right choice for all who have weight problems. It is a completely new method of losing weight.
I strongly recommend buying PRO Fitness Balancer.

Martin Meier

From Köln,

After my knee surgery I got referred to a physical therapist, a specialist for rehabilitation of athletes. He recommended the PRO ski simulator training machine. It's extremely effective and does not put any strain on my joints, so my recovery was incredibly swift, I gained muscle mass and was back doing my favourite sports in the shortest time possible.

Stanislav Suchanov

From Nizniy Novgorod, Russia

This is a very simple but very effective training machine, I am 54 years old and first I was very skeptical about it’s benefits, but it really works, after 2 weeks of more or less regular exercising (before my vacation in mountains) – I realized 2 things: that I got a better fitness condition and skiing was much easier for me. This is exactly the result I was waiting for.

Anonymous user

I just purchased Pro Ski Simulator to train for the coming snow season in Australia and New Zealand. I have to say that it is the best and simplest exercising gear I ever purchased. You can adjust load and travel by adding or subtracting elastic bands located on the bottom of the unit. Operation of the Pro Ski is very smooth so it is easy to get into rhythm. It does give you a good workout and feel of skiing. So far I can only last 5 min on the unit but I take frequent breaks and continue.

Anonymous user

At the beginning of every skiing season all the family often had problems with shape and ski technique. After a few minutes of daily exercise on PRO ski simulator, I couldn't believe the effect it had, skiing becoming easier and better. It showed the most impressive results on the children.