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About Technology
PROSKI Simulator provides a unique technology that mimics  our natural movements. It completely simulates the ski technique which is very difficult to master, which usually takes years of hard training. Acquiring this special skill stops many people from becoming better skiers. The designers had a difficult task to create a training machine that is affordable and has the ability to function closest to real conditions. Another challenge was to make a compromise between improving skiing performance and keep it easy and safe in use for every level. After scrupulous analysis with close cooperation with leading Alpine skiers and specialists in biomechanics this machine was designed in the heart of the Eastern Alps, in Slovenia. Now this machine is upgraded to give a wide selection of various series. PROSKI Simulator gives different opportunities and is designed for people with different skills and physical conditions. These machines are the best ski simulators ever been developed.
How it works
The frame made of a heavy-duty steel with mechanical resistance system which is incredible durable and safe. PROSKI Simulator utilizes a side by side motion on a curved track with freely moving pedals. This is a great combination of effective technique training and incredible total body workout. This workout is as necessary for beginners as for advanced users desiring to keep a good condition in an off-season period. The widely adjustable resistance allows the Simulator to be used by people with different physical conditions from beginners all the way up to an expert. The included workout DVD shows all available exercises and allows for a faster progress. Using the PROSKI Simulator will result in skiing on a real slope a familiar and easy process, and the elements which have been practiced on the simulator will be easly performed on the snow 
Incredible safe
Pedals are covered with rubber surface preventing sliding. And legs are not fixed to the carriage, this makes training incredible safe. Users can easly jump off in case of losing control reducing the risk of  injury. In addition it is equipped with a supporting hand holder to prevent people falling off. Easy step in - step out access allows to use without any assistance or supervision. PROSKI Simulator is one of the few machines which is also widely in use for rehabilitation purposes. 
Computer control and motion analyze
PROSKI Simulators can be equipped with a special ST computer system, which consist of set of sensors and a controlling display. ST system collects all motion data from the magnetic sensors and transfers it to the controling computer. This information is than processed by advanced algorithms designed by top levels ski specialists.
This sophisticated system gives comprehensive motion analysis, it controls and records every turn of the training session. The system can be used both for real time control using readouts of touch screen LCD and sound warns, as well as all previously perfomed training data can be stored for further detailed analysis. The display counts turns, analyzing speed, leg flexion, fatigue and quality of training. The result displays the current physical progress and accordingly assigns the user to a performance group. This gives the user an accurate training evaluation. In addition, all data can be represented in graphs for each leg separately.
All results can be recorded and shown on a flash memory, which can be connected via USB. This computer system supports all levels of skiing from beginner up to professional. And it can be used both for training as well as for competing.
The model range
PROSKI Simulator series consist of a range of various models with different options:
Basic / Fitness Balancer – is the simplest model of the PROSKI Simulator series it is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced skiers. This model is equiped with regular (radical) frame and regular (B-type) cart, a side by side motion with 6 intensity levels. It can be complemented with SKI Poles for a more advanced training.
Standard – has the same frame type (radical) as the Basic model but it is further equipped with S-type cart and ST Control Computer.  This model provides efficient training combined with accurate motion analysis. It can be also complemented with SKI Poles for a more advanced training.
Professional – is a unique platform with incline which gives a feeling of a real slope. Consist of dual motion frame (Race) and S-type cart with ST Control Computer.  Unique dual motion technology provides a side by side motion with rotation. Every turn makes the frame rotate due to it's patented rotation mechanism. This replicates exactly the skiing turns on snow. This model provides efficient training combined with accurate motion analysis.
Custom – Build your own model with features that you really need. Personal customization is best suited for advanced users, who realize their own needs for further improvements. Moreover you get the exact specification without unnecessary costs. For your choice it’s suggested to select a frame type as well as a cart type and additional features which are not available on the preassembled models.
One machine – 3 solutions
This unique ski training machines allow the user to jump over the first long lasting steps of mastering the technique of skiing. This stage is the most frightening and difficult for most people which is also coupled with the risk of getting injured. Moreover this is the most expensive stage – ski lessons are very costly.  Initially learning the wrong techniques are later very difficult to correct. Without having the necessary skills and physical conditions it is much harder  for people to overcome other elements like incline and speed that will they will face on the slopes.
Advanced users
There's no limit to perfection. Ski better, ski longer, performing the right technique is exactly what, each skier dreams of. Choosing the PROSKI Simulator you get the right tool to fine tune and enhance these skills in a very short period of time. The Simulator fulfills the fitness routine that needs to be performed in order to keep good physical condition in off-season period. One machine allows one to forget about additional boring workouts. And finally who can better evaluate your skills and correct them than an ST Control computer?
One motion performed on the simulator involves the work out of a numerous muscle groups, providing total body workout. And this is a great opportunity to keep your body fit. Besides this, you can train the muscles, which usually are not involved into training, the so-called lazy muscles. It perfectly shapes the body and it’s safe for joints and ligaments which makes it desirable for women. Balance training is another benefit of this exercise. One hour of training provides a very effective calories burning, more than 700 kcal/hour which is comparable to a treadmill routine.
SKI simulator is great suited for physiotherapy. No joint impact and very smooth
motion are necessary for those patients. Easy access and many supporting tools make it incredible easy. This training provides efficient balance training which are important for neurological patients as well as for patients recovering from injuries.
20 reasons to buy
  1. Best ski simulation ever
  2. Designed by leading alpine ski racers
  3. Best ski performance in an easy and natural way
  4. Effective Balance training
  5. Comprehensive computer evaluation
  6. Wide model range
  7. Suited for people with different skills and physical conditions
  8. Easy and safe to use
  9. The most secure machine due to it's unique construction
  10. No joint impact, smooth motion
  11. Easy access
  12. Many supporting tools ensure safe training
  13. Incredible total body workout
  14. Complete training solution, no boring fitness routine
  15. Effective calories burning (more than 700 kcal / hour)
  16. Body shaping
  17. No assistance and supervision needed
  18. DVD workout guide
  19. Affordable price
  20. 100% customer satisfaction worldwide