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Professional is a unique platform with incline which gives a feeling of a real slope. Consist of dual motion frame (Race) and S-type cart with ST Control Computer.  Unique dual motion technology provides a side by side motion with rotation. Every turn makes the frame rotate due to it's patented rotation mechanism. This replicates exactly the skiing turns on snow. This model provides efficient training combined with accurate motion analysis.



  • Unique model with tilted base – feel like on a real slope.
  • Efficient dual motion technology – patended technology
  • Computer control and comprehensive motion analyze
  • Natural, easy and safe training
  • No assistance is needed


SKI Training / Testing and Motion Analyses / Aerobic Training (Body Step) / Anaerobic Training (Body Pump) / Balance Training
Advanced users
S Type
Dual motion
Side by side motion
6 levels / 8 levels (option)
6 levels
Max User weight
265 lbs / 330 lbs (option)
DVD workout
SKI Poles
Footprint (LxW)
75 "x 50 " 
Unit weight
320 lbs



Suitable for bottle and towel. Easy mount

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Men and women high quality t-shirts. Available in all sizes. Bomber and spandex blend.
Printed with logo.
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Security Device

Developed for secure fastening of users – beginners. 
Dimension: 107” high !!!!

Easy mount.

Compatible with:


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 Tilted Base

This is an unique model ever been produced that gives the real feeling of slope, you get into the best training conditions with complete skiing simulation. What else can prepare you better for real skiing?

 Dual motion

Dual motion mechanism rotates you each time as you make a turn, so you can easily improve your carving skills and feel details of performance.

In addition you can adjust rotating resistance accordingly to your fitness level.

PROSKI simulator training computer is a sophisticated electronic device which provides critical assessment of training performed on PROSKI simulator of skiing. PROSKI simulator training computer uses state-of-the-art magnetic angle and position sensors which readings are processed with advanced decision algorithms, which were developed with the help of top level ski professionals and trainers to produce the most accurate results. PROSKI simulator training computer supports various difficulty levels enabling the usage for all ranges of users from ski beginners to ski professionals. The results provided by PROSKI simulator training computer can help improve ski technique and overall ski performance of users of all ages.

Controls the training-process and is designed for the Standard model and the Professional model.

All results are recorded and shown on the ?ash memory, which can be connected via a USB. This allows an accurate evaluation of the training. In addition, all data can be represented in the form of graphs for each leg separately. The computer shows the current physical progress and automatically assigns the user to the correct performance group.


Very simple and stable Cart construction provides easy going movements on rails in a very natural way. Easy step in and step out platform ensures safety as well as training can be performed without assistance.
6 Elastic bands on the bottom create wide range of resistance, providing efficient muscle workout. They can be adjusted accordingly to user weight and physical condition.

Adjustable pedals provide foot flexion in the same way as in the carving technique. Equipped with rubber surface preventing sliding. Have two positions for different leg stance. 

Hand Holder is specially made on entire frame width to guarantee convenient support for beginners

Ski poles are equipped with a special attachment for a secure fixation and have a telescopic structure, which provides length adjustment in 5 positions from 33" to 55"

In addition they have a shock-absorbing base, which provides mobility in all directions and makes training more realistic. (Included)

DVD workout demonstration shows all available exercises and guides through detailed learning program